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Saturday, October 04, 2008

1400 and Counting

Since I last gave an account of myself, upon retirement, I hooked up my first odometer to my trusty cycle at home in Berlin, with help from my more technical half, and logged 1,280 kilometers. Then in Yorkshire it was going haywire and we decided it needed a new battery. BikeLine in Berlin had accomplished a replacement without losing the data, but the shop in Malton was a bit slower and the track record was lost. I did not have the manufacturer’s instructions so Humpty and all the Queen’s Yorkshiremen were unable to put it back together again. Finally, a week later, at highly recommended Babes & Bikes in Wadebridge, North Cornwall, a new cyclocompter was installed. By October 4 I had pedaled another 120 K. The photo shows my rigger Marysia and me securing our bikes on a very rainy evening so we could leave our stud-starred cottage home of one week to drive to a Cornwall retreat. The photographer is our friend and traveling companion, Ewa Madon, shown below with me enjoying a summer walk through the North Yorkshire heather that very same, fine day.


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