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Monday, February 02, 2009

Abdul Braked for All the Animals

Now, with no bushes to block my vision, I am out in the bush on a nocturnal game tour in Kruger National Park. I wasn't that enthused initially about traveling to South Africa and oogling the animals, but I changed my mind when I was acquainted with the wildebeests and various other wildbloods out on the range. Here I show the ranger who guided our tour a creature I have spotted. Although I asked several people several times, I never got the name of the ranger, one of only three females in the outfit. When we stopped to stretch our legs, only the male tourists emptied their bladders by the side of the road. Driver Abdul had his rifle at the ready in case anybody strayed too far. The photographer was Belgian bankerAndré Nysen, nephew-in-law, who made many a kill on the photo safari. Despite the January heat, I was ordered to wear long pants to avoid insect bites, but the the little beasts weren't biting that night.


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