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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bulls Jersey Retired After 17 Years

Due to holes under both arms, Alan's Bulls jersey was retired at the Stechlinsee-Grundschule in June 2009. Alan had been wearing the Chicago black shirt against the Whiteshirts in weekly matches at the elementary school gym since it was given to him by Joan and Jen Hoffman of the Windy City who visited the then-divided German capital in 1992. Hopefully only the suit top is being retired. Despite an ankle injury in mid-2008 and a bad knee collision in spring 2009, Alan wants to continue as a cager, but opponents in his age bracket are getting harder to find and, after a somewhat younger contestant suffered a heart attack, the Tuesday night turnout is nearing the point of extinction. The rag-bound Bulls are survived by two reserve black tops, one showing a Corsican pirate his wife has outgrown, and one left advertently by overnight guest Dirk Johnston from Perthshire, featuring Scotland's Famous Grouse.

Besides basketball, Alan continues to chalk up the kilometers on his bicycle and will try to update this blog when his odometer passes another thousand mark. A trip to Sardinia and Corsica this spring finds no illustration in this platform, the author having failed to get a pretty girl to pose with him, but another post will be due following some cycling in Hungary later in 2009.


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