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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Overweight on a Barrel of Fun

Alan has overdone it again. At the Laci Pince Csárda near Vászoly he and his traveling companion stopped their bikes at noon, September 5, 2009, for a meal. The wine cellar high above Lake Balaton was recommended by Vinociped's Gabor in his Balaton Uplands tour guide. The Polish-American travelers failed on Tuesday at the beginning of the six-day pedaling adventure to find the place. But on the way back to Tihany and Veszprem they had more luck. The tandem arrived just after 12 noon on Saturday and ordered Szürkebarát wine, a liter. Literally Gray Friend, aka Pinot Grigio. Marysia had veal with cream and sauerkraut and Alan selected beef stew. Further explanation in post below.

Drinks, Eats, Just Desserts

You can read the prices on the receipt. A retired translator, Alan was intrigued by the beer company slogan on the umbrellas used at the csarda. He took his dictionary from his saddlebags to check. His best, literal guess, after 10 months of studying Hungarian, was "As the environment, so the filling." When I got to Berlin In fact, the Budapest brewery, Dreher, translates it as: "It's what's inside that truly counts." And inside Alan, a full stomach served as his just dessert. The squashed barrel did not appreciate the calorie crush. Overall, the occasionally strenuous cycling tour was penz wise and pound foolish. Despite many missed many turns and some long hauls, the senior couple always made it to its assigned accommodation. Vinociped's Gyözö transported the luggage every day. After the Balaton week, Mrs. and Mr. Wildblood spent three days on the Vistula Bend in Visegrad, Szentendre and Budapest, then six more two-wheeling around the Neusiedler/Fertö Lake separating Hungary and Austria. Alan's bicycle odometer recorded 500 kilometers during the 16 days abroad. In the end, his scales registered a three-kilo elevation.