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Monday, December 20, 2010

No Desk for the Wicked

Translating Too Freely Condemns Violator to Five Years of Hard Labor.
Today was my fourth consecutive day of shoveling to keep the sidewalk free. Heart and lungs got a good workout and the exertion strengthed my will to see about writing a will the next day. Nobody else in the building volunteered so the first kid on the block pitched in alone. A few thanks from neighbor ladies and a bottle of wine from the condo administration were his reward. This was to be my final good deed of 2010. I started the year chipping ice on the other side of the parked cars to allow the water to reach the sewers. The day before this December chore, in a snowbound van just out of the picture to the left and purchased in Nimes, two dogs locked inside despite sub-freezing weather, barked without a break for about 20 minutes. A passerby called the police, but as the authorities arrived, the owner came and defrosted the animals. Tatort in der Roennebergstra├če.


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